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Description of the Study Programs MA in Culture and Film Studies
University of Haifa General Information about the Program

Graduate studies in the interdisciplinary program at the University of Haifa focus on providing an academic framework for research in the fields of culture and film, examining the way these fields influence each other. The program’s objective is to train the next generation of researchers and teachers in these fields.

For the first time ever in Israel, an integrative MA program that deals with a range of topics, fields and thought from the world of society and culture is open. The program will contribute to the development of comparative research in many fields as they are reflected in film.


The program in its entirety will assist students acquire a perspective of culture, identity and nationalism in the global era, from the standpoint of film. The combination of research in culture and research in film is developing rapidly in western academic spheres. The visual shift in the field of culture that has occurred in recent years attests to the need for this type of focus, and consequently, the program does not only deal with visual culture as a topic but also as an medium for other subjects and a range of fields that affect and are affected by each other.

The interdisciplinary graduate degree in Culture and Film Studies given by the Faculty of Humanities broadens students’ research perspective about what exists today and lays the foundation for interdisciplinary and interactive studies through methodical teaching.

The content and methods with which the program deals integrate multiple and wide-ranging fields from different schools of thought through the prism of film:

- History and film

- Philosophy and film

- Film of the Middle East

- Film workshops with the top film artists in the country.

- Cinematic language

- Research methodologies for interactions between society and culture in cinema

- Research methodologies for the study of society, culture and cinema: Text, narrative, and intertextuality

- Film theories and their application

- World cinema - Italian Neorealism and Its Influence on world cinema


Lectures will be given by top tier, well-known directors, and people from the film industry and scholars of film and culture

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